Moossa is back with a new album, Right Way Round. Their 5th original album is probably the most cohesive grouping of songs to date. The songs center around simple grooves with elements of blues with funky, soul undertones, and a noticeably retro vibe.

Trey Batts- Lead Guitar, vocals, production

Ryan Davis- Bass Guitar, vocals

John Moossa- Guitar, vocals

Nancy Waldman- Vocals

Dennis Vignola- Drums

“ Any time I get knocked down, pick me back up and turn me the right way round”

Moossa’s new record, RIGHT WAY ROUND is an enticing array of R&B, Funk, soul and blues. A great choice for road trip soundtrack or late night after party.
At times edgy, uncompromised, defiant; Right Way Round is Moossa’s 5th studio album and the band’s most cohesive grouping of songs to date. The album unveils the sound of a band that has matured. Lyrics and themes touch on; change and times gone by, grappling with imperfection, late night cravings and finding strength and solidarity. Songs unfold naturally from the bouncy title track to the last chord of “Same Way”. Rhythmic phrasing, catchy melodies and magnetic beat lure the listener, hook them in, and carry them along for the ride. Bass player Ryan Davis crafted most of this record during a creative flurry while dialing in tones on his Fender P Bass. You can feel its influence in the simple grooves with elements of blues with funky, soul undertones, and a noticeably retro vibe that characterize the songs.
Moossa, the band, turns 15 this year. If you are unfamiliar with the band you might reference Alabama Shakes, Sharon Jones, and The Band to give an idea of what may lay in store.  In its early days Moossa was an eclectic rock quartet that tended to jam out. Four records and hundreds of shows later the group has evolved into is a tight, groove oriented five piece with singer Nancy Waldman taking the helm on most of the tunes. The band utilizes multiple vocals for 3 part harmonies and each of the 4 vocalists is represented on this work. Guitarist Trey Batts lends his ear and expertise to album production and blends his varied guitar work in sonic, layers folded and weaved intricately through the songs. Trey’s guitar work is rhythmic and blues drenched and he’s obviously having fun. Drummer Dennis Vignola holds it down and puts his rhythmic touch on every tune. John Moossa puts down the acoustic guitar for half of the album for the first time and wields a fender telecaster with good result. The album was recorded at Minimum Wage Studio in Richmond by Lance Koehler (NO BS BRASS BAND) and was produced by Davis, Batts, and Koehler. Guest appearances by New Orleans based Scott Frock on trumpet (seen recently on Conan O’Brien with Sturgill Simpson) and Bill Grishaw (the Slank) on keyboards round out the sound.
If you’ve heard them before, you know the band has a lot to offer, and with Right Way Round, you will be hooked, snapping your fingers, tapping your feet and bobbing your head from start to finish. The album is a pleasant surprise and delivers what you were waiting for, even if you didn’t realize you were waiting. Available on I-tunes, CD baby, Spotify. Give a listen at